Morning Star Fisherman

Our Mission

"Teaching Nations To Be Self Sufficient With The Substainable Food Source Of Aquaponic Farming. In An Effort To End World Hunger...Helping Others Help Themselves.".

Who We Are

Motivated by faith

Morning Star Fisherman is a Christian organization committed to healthy and sustainable living for all. We are currently training people, around the world, to implement aquaponics as one solution to world hunger. Through our actions, we hope to share God's unconditional love for all people. Our faith is al the heart of what we do.

Morning Star Fisherman is an international aquaponics research and training facility located in the beautiful rolling hills of Dade City. Our main hatchery and training facility has over 110,000 gallons of tank space, wet labs and classrooms. We also have 30,000 gallons of enclosed exterior tanks.

Our goal always stays the same, we educate people in a way that encourages and prepares them to teach others. 

Serve your fellow man

Students of all ages and backgrounds are coming to our Training and Research Center and are encouraged to serve their fellow man and learn the value and importance of self-sustainability. Their studies include: working with various, appropriate technologies; breeding; feeding; managing waste; maximizing growth; gardening; weeding; and general maintenance.

Morning Star Fisherman has a well-equipped dormitory, having 5 separate dorm rooms, 2 full baths, a dining room and a full kitchen houses 10 students, able to stay on an extended visit in order to enjoy our longer educational options.

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Get Involved

A Long History

We have been teaching aquaponics since 1993! Many people that have created companies and helped propel aquaponics to where it is today, started their aquaponic journey her at MSF!

33336 Old St. Joe Rd. - A long time ago.... actually 1974, the original tanks and buildings were built as the largest salt water land based ornamental fish hatchery in the world! "Instant Ocean" this is where the salt water blend of the same name, was developed! The primary fish breed at Instant Ocean was Clown Fish. The Florida aquaculture license plant with a Clown Fish, was done as a dedication to Frank Hoff and his work in aquaculture.

Frank H. Hoff - MSF moved to Dade City in 2000, our neighbor was Frank H. Hoff. His book "Plankton Culture Manual" is the standard for understanding water born organisms, algae and water quality. Frank became one of the board of directors for MSF. He taught us about the relationship between fish and the water they live in. Frank H. Hoff 1938-2010. We are very grateful to have known him; Frank's work lives on at Morningstar Fishermen!

Space Babies - During the space shuttle mission STS 95 in 1998 with Senator John Glenn NASA sent fertilized tilapia eggs into space, only one hatched. NASA got the eggs from long time MSF friend Dr. Bill Falls. Dr. Falls gave us some babies from the tilapia that were born in space! Come see them! They have their own tank and are absolutely gorgeous! 


Learn Aquaponics - It's Easy & Fun For The Whole Family! We offer One Day Introduction to Aquaponics; Three Day Aquaponic; Five Day Certified Aquaponic Technician Course; One Month Certified Aquaponic Farm Manager course and Advance 4, 8 & 12 Week Courses. For information, to register and prices visit 


As a non-profit, educational and research facility. Morningstar Fishermen relies on the help of many individuals and group volunteers to help us with our day to day operations.

Volunteers - We're in a Race2EndHunger by researching and implemting sustainable food production solutions. All are welcome including students fulfilling community service hours. (Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while on our campus). Volunteers and Interns can assist our staff with a variety of facility tasks and site projects including cleaning, painting, compsting, etc.

Aquapontic/Aquaculture Certified Volunteers and Interns - Morningstar Fishermen requires volunteers and interns have substantial aquaponic training before being allowed to interact with sensitive aquaculture and aquaponic systems. Individuals wishing to assist on aqua systems must first complete our 8 hour Introduction to Aquaponics class and pass an "MSF Aquaponic Systems Technician" (AST) certification test. Our Certified AST's will be confident, knowledgeable and able to correctly answer aquaponic systems questions. Check the home page for course dates! Courses are tax deductible!